We all start somewhere! For InvestPlus REIT, it was in 2015, in Calgary, Alberta. InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust is a private real estate investment trust provides investors an opportunity to participate in the industrial real estate market across Western Canada, without the responsibility of having to own or manage a building themselves. Since then, we steadily grown WITH our tenants, and this is one of the things we pride ourselves on.

We Put Our Tenants First

First and foremost, without our tenants, we just own bricks and mortar. This is at the core of our business and is something we give the highest importance to. Without our tenants, our buildings will just be stagnant spaces, and in the real estate industry, nobody wants that! Our tenants are our NUMBER ONE assets. They are the top driving factor that have contributed and continue to contribute to our upward trajectory.

From the start, we partner with tenants who align with our goals: to scale our business and continue growing—locally and nationally. The better we understand our tenants the more we can understand their needs.  This alignment of goals help us see our destination clearly, and with common goals in mind, we are able to provide each other that supportive environment that can push both of our businesses upward.

From our end, we offer the business support that can alleviate some of the load that our tenants have to face. From locating new locations for our tenants, to streamlining their business by standardizing lease terms, we anticipate how to positively impact their business to bring returns to their businesses, and ultimately, ours.

Our Relationship with Our Tenants

We differentiate ourselves from other real estate/commercial space providers by building a genuine and solid relationship with our clients. We pay attention to their needs and hear them out—communication is key! It is imperative to hear out their concerns and keep ourselves updated with their changing goals so we can find ways to provide business support where we can. By focusing attention on what our tenants need, we create the business model we want, but we also develop sustainable return for our unit owners. With this kind of business synergy, everybody benefits and that’s the kind of environment we’re after. The majority of our tenants operate internationally within the transportation, e-commerce, energy sectors and distribution services. 

Whether our tenants are looking to grow locally or nationally, we’re prepared with real estate solutions to grow alongside them. We believe that tenants shouldn’t have to start over from square one when they relocate or expand to a new region. By striving to be their one-stop-shop for real estate solutions,  offering real estate solutions and communicating to our tenants that we will be with them along the way, we lessen the burden that comes with expanding their business. This allows our tenants to bravely entertain the prospects of expansion, and at the same time, we are able to provide valuable insights on locales they may have their sights on. 

With our philosophy, we nurture a space for them to grow their business, and simultaneously find creative ways to grow our business as well.

Right off the bat, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. It may sound harsh, but that’s the truth! For any business, growth is of utmost importance, and even more so in the real estate industry. Traditionally, the primary factors that contribute to growth in real estate include (but are not limited to) finding properties and investors. Here at InvestPlus REIT though, growth means something else.

We strongly believe in growing together with our tenants. In our years of experience, this has largely contributed to our continued success, and this is one of the things that makes us different and evergreen in the scene! So, what makes us different and how do we go about it?

We focus on understanding our tenants’ needs. This is crucial when it comes to providing an environment that helps our tenants grow. What are their plans for the future? What are their goals? Are they a national or international company? What can WE do to help them achieve these so that we can ultimately grow together? Unlike the classic landlord-tenant relationship where oftentimes there is a certain level of antagonized interactions, we eliminate that by maintaining a great relationship with our tenants—which we achieve by focusing on them; understanding their needs and putting those on the forefront of our business relationship.

Having been in the industry for a good amount of time now, we’ve come to view “assets management” in a different, more personal way. Hear us out… This technically refers to the size of one’s portfolio; the number of buildings owned, figures on a spreadsheet, etc.. But it isn’t just that. Our relationship with our tenants is THE absolute asset. This is why we do our best to build and protect it. From the get go, we build authentic relationships based on communication. This circles back to communicating about what they need and what we can do to provide it. By understanding their goals and providing a support system, we help them become more successful. This, in turn, makes us more successful too!

Further to the above, we are a solutions-focused real estate business, and we look for solutions for our tenants’ needs. This is important because this makes a positive lasting impression on our tenants. Whether it’s providing a meeting room for 10 or 30 people, or having free parking that gives them and their clients the added convenience, we take all the measures to provide as much business solutions as we can. It’s these little thoughtful touches that go a long way. This is why even in struggling economies, we are able to rise and grow through the challenges because we are able to add value to our business and our tenants love us for it.

Providing solutions and support for our tenants is a powerful factor that tips more of the odds to our favor. We aim to be the first in our tenants’ mind when they need anything related to real estate by showing them they can depend on us when they need solutions for growth. By building and continuously taking care of our relationship with our tenants, our history of providing solutions allows us to standardize certain factors—terms and conditions in our growing relationship moving forward. If they’re considering an expansion outside of Western Canada (where we are), we willingly explore all options and communicate with all our tenants to find the most viable solution that support everyone’s growth.

We see even more opportunities in the months and years ahead. What’s amazing is how these opportunities open up and in part are supported by the tenants we have been growing with!