Discover the perfect space for your business at 5018 45 Street in Red Deer, AB. Nestled on the bustling Gaetz Avenue, this premier retail space offers unparalleled visibility and accessibility amidst high traffic volumes, making it an ideal location for a variety of businesses.

Whether you are planning to open a chic boutique, a modern fitness studio, or a cozy spa retreat, our flexible floor plans and customizable layouts can adapt to your unique needs. This space is also ideal for specialized stores such as pet stores, jewelers, or even a vibrant juice bar. Our flexible floors plans and customizable layouts make it the perfect space for many businesses.

The significant pedestrian and vehicle exposure combined with the convenience of ample surface parking ensures that your customers always have easy access to your doors. Our location on Gaetz Avenue places your business in the heart of Red Deer’s main retail corridor, surrounded by thriving businesses and residential areas. 

This vibrant community not only increases foot traffic but also provides a steady flow of potential customers. From young professionals seeking quick service restaurants to families looking for retail shopping, the diversity of the area supports a wide range of commercial possibilities.

InvestPlus REIT is committed to your success. Our properties are designed to support both local and expanding businesses, offering spaces that adapt to your growing needs. By choosing 5018 45 Street, you’re not just renting a space; you’re investing in a location that has proven successful for countless other businesses.

Join a community of successful entrepreneurs and leverage our prime location at Red Deer to elevate your business. Contact us today to explore how our space at 5018 45 Street can be the home where your business thrives.

Contact Jennifer Clark by call or text (403) 200 9264 or email For more details, click here.

In a world where the dynamics of real estate are constantly evolving, the Industrial Asset Class stands out as a beacon of growth and opportunity. Domenic Mandato, the visionary leader of InvestPlus REIT, shares his expert insights on why this sector is more crucial than ever in the current economic landscape. In this edition of “From Dom’s Desk,” we explore the promising future of Industrial Real Estate and what it means for investors.


Industrial Real Estate: A Sector in Evolution: The Industrial Asset Class has long been a cornerstone of the real estate market, known for its resilience and steady returns. Today, this sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by changes in global trade, e-commerce expansion, and evolving consumer demands. These shifts are not just reshaping the industrial landscape; they’re opening up new avenues for investment and growth.

Why Industrial Assets are More Relevant Now: Domenic emphasizes that the current economic trends are making industrial properties increasingly valuable. With the rise of online shopping, there’s a growing demand for warehouse and distribution centers. Similarly, the shift towards domestic manufacturing and supply chain diversification is boosting the need for industrial spaces. These factors combined are creating a robust market for industrial real estate investments.

Global Trends Influencing the Sector: The Industrial Asset Class is not just influenced by local market dynamics but also by global trends. Domenic discusses how international trade policies, technological advancements, and sustainability initiatives are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of this asset class. He believes that staying ahead of these trends is key to maximizing investment opportunities in the sector.

InvestPlus REIT’s Strategy for Industrial Assets: At InvestPlus REIT, the approach towards industrial assets is strategic and forward-looking. Domenic shares the REIT’s vision of investing in high-potential industrial properties, focusing on locations and facilities that are poised for growth and sustainability. The goal is not just to capitalize on current market trends but to be prepared for future shifts in the industrial landscape.

A Call to Action for Investors: Domenic invites investors to explore the potential of the Industrial Asset Class with InvestPlus REIT. He highlights the importance of understanding the market’s nuances and the long-term benefits of investing in industrial properties. This sector, as Domenic notes, offers a unique blend of stability and growth potential, making it an attractive option for savvy investors.

🔍 Stay Informed with “From Dom’s Desk“: As the Industrial Asset Class continues to evolve, stay tuned to “From Dom’s Desk” for more insights, analysis, and updates from Domenic Mandato. Together, let’s navigate the exciting world of industrial real estate and uncover the opportunities that lie ahead.

Investing in real estate offers numerous pathways to wealth, and understanding cap rate compression is crucial for investors looking to maximize their returns. InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a private investment fund based in Calgary, Alberta, showcases a compelling track record in leveraging cap rate compression to enhance investor ROI. Focused on acquiring, owning, and managing commercial and residential properties in western Canada, InvestPlus REIT has mastered the art of creating value in under-valued and under-managed properties.

What is Cap Rate Compression?

Cap rate, or capitalization rate, is a metric used to evaluate the return on investment for real estate properties. It is calculated by dividing the property’s net operating income by its current market value. Compression occurs when cap rates decrease, typically indicating an increase in property values and, consequently, a potential rise in ROI for investors.

Why Cap Rate Compression Matters for Your Investment

Cap rate compression is often a sign of a strengthening market, where demand for properties increases, driving up values and lowering cap rates. For investors in InvestPlus REIT, this phenomenon is a positive indicator. The REIT’s strategy involves identifying and transforming under-valued and under-managed properties into high-value assets. As the market appreciates and cap rates compress, the intrinsic value of these investments grows, offering investors a higher return on their investment .

InvestPlus REIT’s Approach to Cap Rate Compression

InvestPlus REIT employs a strategic approach to investment that not only focuses on immediate returns but also on the long-term appreciation of assets. By targeting properties in western Canada with potential for value creation through active management and strategic improvements, InvestPlus positions its portfolio to benefit from market dynamics that lead to cap rate compression. This approach has allowed InvestPlus to build a robust portfolio of commercial and residential properties, showcasing their capability to deliver strong returns to investors.

For those looking to enhance their investment portfolio, understanding and capitalizing on cap rate compression is essential. InvestPlus REIT’s strategic investments in the real estate market demonstrate the potential for significant ROI growth through this phenomenon. By focusing on properties with high potential for appreciation and actively managing assets to increase their value, InvestPlus REIT offers investors a smart solution to maximize their returns in a dynamic market.

Calgary, a city known for its resilience and innovation, is currently witnessing a transformative phase in its urban landscape. Amidst an unusual trend of vacant office spaces, there’s a burgeoning movement to creatively repurpose these areas. In this edition of “From Dom’s Desk,” we delve into the imaginative ways Calgary is addressing this challenge and the role InvestPlus REIT plays in this exciting transformation.


Calgary’s Vacant Office Spaces: A Canvas for Innovation: The increasing number of vacant office spaces in Calgary’s downtown core is more than a mere statistic; it represents a unique opportunity for urban regeneration and creativity. Across the city, these spaces are being viewed not as dormant assets but as platforms for imaginative redevelopment.

Rethinking Urban Spaces: Calgary’s approach to these vacant office spaces is a testament to the city’s adaptive and forward-thinking mindset. From converting office buildings into residential apartments and boutique hotels to creating co-working spaces and cultural hubs, the city is actively transforming its skyline. This shift is not just about repurposing real estate; it’s about revitalizing communities and fostering new forms of urban living.

Sustainable and Community-Focused Developments: One of the key aspects of this transformation is the focus on sustainability and community. Many of these redevelopment projects aim to create spaces that promote environmental sustainability, social interaction, and community engagement. This vision aligns with a growing global trend towards more livable and human-centric urban environments.

InvestPlus REIT: At the Forefront of Change: At InvestPlus REIT, we are excited to be part of this urban metamorphosis. We recognize the potential these vacant office spaces hold and are committed to contributing to Calgary’s renaissance. Our team is exploring various innovative projects, aligning with the city’s vision of creating multifunctional, sustainable, and community-oriented spaces.

Why This Matters for Investors and the Community: This shift in Calgary’s real estate landscape opens up a realm of possibilities for investors and the community alike. For investors, it’s an opportunity to be part of a pioneering movement in urban redevelopment. For the community, it signals the emergence of more vibrant, diverse, and livable spaces in the heart of the city.

Join the Journey with InvestPlus REIT: We invite you to explore the exciting developments unfolding in Calgary’s urban landscape with InvestPlus REIT. Be part of a journey that’s not just redefining the city’s skyline but also shaping the future of urban living.

Stay tuned to “From Dom’s Desk” for more updates, insights, and innovative ideas as we continue to explore the evolving world of real estate investment in Calgary and beyond.

In the world of real estate investment, selling a property is often a double-edged sword. While it can bring significant financial returns, it also comes with a challenge that many sellers dread – the impact of capital gains tax. In this edition of “From Dom’s Desk,” we delve into this pressing issue and explore how InvestPlus REIT is providing a strategic way to manage it.

The Capital Gains Conundrum: When you sell a property for more than you purchased it, the profit you make is subject to capital gains tax. This tax can be substantial, often taking a significant chunk out of your earnings. It’s no wonder that many property owners are hesitant to sell, even when the market conditions are favorable. The potential tax hit can be a major deterrent, making investors think twice before liquidating their assets.

Understanding the Seller’s Dilemma: For sellers, the decision to sell is not just about market timing or property value. It’s also a calculation of how much tax they will owe on their gains. This financial burden can affect their long-term investment strategy and wealth accumulation goals. It’s a common problem that many in the real estate market face, and one that requires a smart, strategic solution.

InvestPlus REIT’s Innovative Approach: Here’s where InvestPlus REIT steps in with a game-changing solution. Our unique REIT structure offers a way for property sellers to defer these daunting capital gains taxes. By investing in InvestPlus REIT, sellers can potentially transfer their property into the REIT in exchange for units, allowing them to defer the capital gains tax that would otherwise be immediately payable upon sale.

Why Choose InvestPlus REIT for Your Investment Journey?: This tax deferral strategy is more than just a financial tactic – it’s about empowering investors to make the most out of their investments without the immediate tax burden. With InvestPlus REIT, sellers can continue to participate in the real estate market, but with greater flexibility and fewer immediate financial drawbacks.

Join Us in Rethinking Real Estate Investments: We invite you to explore more about how InvestPlus REIT can help manage the impact of capital gains tax, turning a challenge into an opportunity. Whether you’re considering selling your property now or in the future, understanding your options is crucial for making informed, strategic decisions.

Stay tuned to “From Dom’s Desk” for more insights, tips, and strategies in the world of real estate investment. Let’s navigate the complexities of the market together, with InvestPlus REIT guiding the way.

Welcome back to another insightful edition of our blog series, “From Dom’s Desk,” presented by InvestPlus REIT. In this episode, we’re zeroing in on the heart of our operations – the vibrant and dynamic city of Calgary.

Calgary: “The Heartbeat of InvestPlus REIT”: In this video, Domenic Mandato shares his personal and professional admiration for Calgary. This city isn’t just a location; it’s a cornerstone of our identity and success.

The Can-Do Spirit of Calgary: What makes Calgary stand out as an exceptional place for real estate investment and business operations? According to Domenic, it’s the indomitable spirit of its people. Calgary’s community is imbued with a can-do attitude that not only inspires but also drives progress and innovation. This ethos resonates deeply with the values and vision of InvestPlus REIT.

Shifting Landscapes – Calgary’s Promising Future: But Calgary is not just about its present charm and strength. Domenic delves into the exciting shifts and developments that are shaping the city’s future. From emerging business opportunities to evolving real estate landscapes, he discusses how these changes are positioning Calgary as a leading city of the future, and how InvestPlus REIT is at the forefront of these developments.

Discover Calgary’s Potential: We invite you to watch this enlightening video where Domenic shares his insights on Calgary’s evolving journey. It’s not just about understanding the market; it’s about being part of a community that’s geared towards growth and success.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey: As we continue to explore and invest in the potential of Calgary, we want you to be a part of this journey. Your engagement and insights are invaluable as we navigate the promising path that lies ahead for both Calgary and InvestPlus REIT.

Stay tuned to “From Dom’s Desk” for more updates, where we bring you the latest trends, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks into the real estate world. Let’s explore the future together, with Calgary leading the way!

Welcome to the latest installment of our blog series, “From Dom’s Desk,” where we delve into the insights and updates from Domenic Mandato, the driving force behind InvestPlus REIT.

In this special video update, Domenic shares a comprehensive look back at the year 2023 – a year marked by remarkable market certainty and rising interest rates that shaped our strategies and successes.

2023: A Year of Solid Foundations – In this brief but insightful video, Domenic discusses how the past year has been pivotal for InvestPlus REIT, setting a strong foundation for our future endeavors. From navigating the complexities of the market to leveraging opportunities that rising interest rates presented, 2023 has been a testament to our resilience and foresight in the real estate investment trust landscape.

Looking Ahead to 2024: But that’s not all – Domenic also gives us a sneak peek into what 2024 holds. Our plans, our aspirations, and our strategies – get an exclusive glimpse into the future of InvestPlus REIT and how we’re gearing up for another successful year.

Watch Now and Join the Journey: We invite you to watch this engaging video and join us as we reflect on our achievements and look forward to an even brighter future. Your insights and support are invaluable as we continue to grow and excel in the world of REITs.

Stay tuned to “From Dom’s Desk” for more updates, insights, and expert takes on the real estate market. Let’s embark on this journey together – towards a prosperous and successful 2024!

Relocating a medical or dental practice is a significant decision that can impact both the provider and their patients. Whether it’s to expand services, improve accessibility, or explore new opportunities, moving a practice requires careful planning and consideration. For medical and dental providers in Red Deer contemplating a move, this blog outlines the top considerations to ensure a smooth transition and continued success in their new location.

1. Demographics and Market Analysis:

Before relocating, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the new area’s demographics and market trends. Understanding the population’s needs, income levels, and healthcare preferences will help determine whether the services offered align with the community’s requirements. A well-matched demographic will improve the likelihood of attracting a steady stream of patients and enhancing the practice’s success.

2. Competition and Referral Network:

Research the existing medical and dental practices in the target area to gauge the level of competition. Assess their services, reputation, and patient base to identify gaps that your practice can fill. Additionally, establishing a strong referral network with other healthcare professionals in the vicinity can facilitate patient referrals and collaborations, contributing to a thriving practice.

3. Accessibility and Visibility:

The new practice location’s accessibility and visibility are crucial for attracting and retaining patients. A central, easily accessible location with ample parking will make it convenient for patients to visit. Consider the visibility of the practice from major roadways or public transportation hubs to increase awareness among potential patients.

4. Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

Moving a medical or dental practice involves legal and regulatory complexities that must be addressed diligently. Ensure compliance with all local, provincial, and federal regulations, including licensing, permits, and professional certifications. Consult with legal and financial advisors to navigate any legalities and financial implications associated with the move.

5. Patient Communication and Transition:

Communicate transparently with existing patients about the upcoming move well in advance. Notify them through various channels such as emails, letters, social media, or signage in the current office. Provide clear information about the new location, contact details, and any changes in services. Keeping patients informed will help build trust and retain their loyalty during the transition.

6. Staff Considerations:

Consider the impact of the move on your staff and ensure they are involved in the decision-making process. Address their concerns and provide adequate support during the transition. If the new location is far from the current one, some staff members may be unable to relocate. Plan for potential staffing changes and make arrangements for hiring and training new employees if necessary.

7. Technology and Infrastructure:

Assess the technological infrastructure of the new location to ensure it meets the requirements of your practice. Reliable internet connectivity, advanced medical/dental equipment, and electronic health record systems are essential for delivering quality care and maintaining efficiency.

8. Marketing and Branding:

To establish a strong presence in the new area, invest in effective marketing and branding strategies. Create a website, update online listings, and employ digital marketing techniques to reach potential patients. Networking with local organizations and participating in community events can also enhance brand visibility.

Moving a medical or dental practice in Red Deer can be a rewarding endeavor when undertaken with careful consideration. By analyzing demographics, understanding the market, and implementing robust communication and marketing strategies, providers can seamlessly transition to their new location. Adhering to legal requirements, maintaining staff morale, and prioritizing patient care will contribute to a successful and thriving practice in the new community.

Now Leasing in Red Deer! Turnkey Medical/Dental Clinic at 5018 45 Street, Red Deer, AB.


  • Lease rate: competitive market rates
  • Operating costs: $10.28 sf
  • Zoning: C-1 (commercial city center district)
  • Site size: 34,921
  • Ample surface parking
  • Well located on gaetz avenue with great exposure to high traffic areas
  • Top pylon signage position (x2)


For more information on medical office space for rent in Red Deer, or to book a tour, contact Jennifer Clark today at C: (403) 200-9264 E:

Our unit holders have been with us for a long time because of the reliable source of income they have come to depend on. A majority of them–around 50-60% of them are RSP unit holders. RSPs are a great way to invest in REITs and these types of investments especially when it comes time where your RSPs turn into a RIF. A lot of our clients have come to realize that during the earlier part of the investment, they would earn drip units (reinvestment units). Instead of earning cash, these reinvestment units would go back into the company. And over time, they have accumulated units which they can now convert into cash. Instead of earning units, they earn cash distributions that were p aid to them every quarter.

Now, the investment has become a reliable source of income that most of our clients are looking forward to. This gives us comfort and when we look to buy an asset, we ask ourselves if we can continue to do this sustainably. There is a risk every time. Despite the risk that the distributions are not guaranteed, we’ve been able to still pay out over 6% over the last 7 years every year. What made this possible for us is industrial real estate. We’re also looking for an asset that has a tenant–that asset being the tenant, which allows us to pay consistent distribution over time. Being a popular asset, industrial real estate is in demand, it has an added value in terms of building values and appreciation, factors that contribute to sustainable returns.

Inflation from 2023 is coming down from where it was–hopefully to a point where things like groceries can be afforded by families, and that the average business can function. We’ve heard of businesses who had to close because their costs of goods were too high and they couldn’t pass that on to their customers, or it’s affecting their business as a result. The good news is that I think this year, it would turn around.

One of the main reasons why we got into the real estate business was learning how to protect my investments and hedging them against inflation. For me, the answer was real estate, and it still is a great way to protect investments. This is also why we’ve seen a lot of clients invest in real estate with InvestPlus because they want that hedge against inflation as well. And for this year, we’re headed in the right direction.