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Top Considerations for Medical/Dental Providers in Red Deer Looking to Move Their Practice

Relocating a medical or dental practice is a significant decision that can impact both the provider and their patients. Whether it’s to expand services, improve accessibility, or explore new opportunities, moving a practice requires careful planning and consideration. For medical and dental providers in Red Deer contemplating a move, this blog outlines the top considerations […]


A Reliable Source of Income

Our unit holders have been with us for a long time because of the reliable source of income they have come to depend on. A majority of them–around 50-60% of them are RSP unit holders. RSPs are a great way to invest in REITs and these types of investments especially when it comes time where […]


The Fight Against Inflation – Where Are We Heading

Inflation from 2023 is coming down from where it was–hopefully to a point where things like groceries can be afforded by families, and that the average business can function. We’ve heard of businesses who had to close because their costs of goods were too high and they couldn’t pass that on to their customers, or […]


The Future of Western Canada

We see a very bright future ahead of Western Canada. We have a resource-based economy, giving Western Canada a great position there. Over the course of the past 2-3 years where the movement has been towards renewable energy, it has shifted to some degree. Those who are inside and outside of the oil and gas […]


Tenants-First Case Study

We’ve had one client who was looking to consolidate two or three of their locations into one. In this specific case, they were very specific in the size that they were looking for. We went out and searched the market, found a really good location and a great looking building. However, it turned out to […]

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Tenants First

We all start somewhere! For InvestPlus REIT, it was in 2015, in Calgary, Alberta. InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust is a private real estate investment trust provides investors an opportunity to participate in the industrial real estate market across Western Canada, without the responsibility of having to own or manage a building themselves. Since then, […]


InvestPlus Hits $100 Million of Assets Under Management

InvestPlus Hits $100 Million of Assets Under Management, Pushing InvestPlus Commercial Portfolio to more than 500,000 SF Under Management! InvestPlus REIT is excited to announce the addition of a 109,066 sq ft commercial building (Thatcher Ave) to its portfolio for $8,700,000 at an existing cap rate 8.78%. Thatcher Ave is located in a prominent industrial business park in Saskatoon. Conditions […]