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What are REITs and Are They For You?

What are REITs and Are They For You? When we decided it was time to create a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), it was with one simple goal: To provide investors the ability to invest in larger multifamily and commercial buildings without having the have all the capital, know-how, and time to manage these assets. […]

Putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021

Putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021. The past year was a year filled with challenges and uncertainties never before experienced by this generation. Affecting people and businesses all over the world, COVID-19 made 2020 a huge hurdle that affected business stability and growth. After having just come out of a recession, the climb […]

InvestPlus Reit expands Portfolio

InvestPlus Reit expands Portfolio. InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (the “REIT”) is excited to announce the addition of a 30,000 sq ft commercial building to its portfolio for $5,000,000 at a purchase cap rate of 7.4%. Possession is scheduled for July 2, 2020. This marks yet another accretive property added to the portfolio this year […]

InvestPlus Adds Another

InvestPlus Adds Another 27,962 sq ft to Their Portfolio, Pushing InvestPlus Commercial Portfolio to more than 100,000 sq ft Under Management! InvestPlus REIT is excited to announce the addition of a 28,962 sq ft commercial building (called ‘The Phoenix’) to its portfolio for $6,960,000. The acquisition was closed on April 30th and marks another milestone within […]

Public vs Private Market

Public vs Private Market, the comparing of public and private markets has long been a debate topic to the question of where to secure one’s fortune. For us, the conversation always comes down to the operative word of our business: liquidity.   The public market’s liquidity is very much a double-edged sword. While the public […]

EMD Partnership

How a Proper EMD Partnership Changes the Game. As with any venture into real estate investment, the key to a solid investment strategy is in the application of strong due diligence. As a potential investor, how do you know with some degree of certainty the company you are interested has been through the scrutiny of […]

Is Office Over?

Is Office Over? As an influx of employees around the world become accustomed to working from their homes due to isolation and social distancing, there arises a growing question: Is this the end of physical office spaces? While I for one will always jump in with an opinion or prediction based on the information I […]

Welcoming Klint Rodgers

  InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is thrilled to be welcoming Klint Rodgers to the InvestPlus team. Klint Rodgers will be joining our Education Team.   Klint is a Registered Dealing Representative with Axcess Capital — a Corporate Finance Firm registered in numerous provinces with the securities commission across the country. Axcess Capital is […]

Not all REITs are created equally

As 2020 continues to forecast a future of financial turmoil for some REITs, it is beginning to separate the weak from the strong. All of the factors that allow any REIT worth their salt to remain competent in this time are related to one thing: certainty.