Putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021

Putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021

Putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021. The past year was a year filled with challenges and uncertainties never before experienced by this generation. Affecting people and businesses all over the world, COVID-19 made 2020 a huge hurdle that affected business stability and growth. After having just come out of a recession, the climb to success became even steeper with the health challenges that COVID-19 has brought and continues to bring to businesses today.


In trying times, we believe that there is no room for mediocrity and if you sit on the sidelines, you will get run over. Despite the obstacles, we at InvestPlus had a 50% company growth, made 3 major acquisitions, and raised over 4.8 million dollars in 2020. We also grew our net operating income as well as our net income.


How to Survive Challenging Economic Periods


How did we do it? We maintained focus on the same principles that allowed us to sustain previous recessions and market uncertainties.  The paralyzing fear of staying at home and the idea of maintaining the status quo by doing what we know works did not stop us from finding ways to modify our business and have a different focus. In a way, we ignored the fear.  We worked closely with our property managers to understand what our tenants needed and how we can maintain what we have as a tenant base and where we needed more focus.  We also focused on closely working with realtors and individuals who sell buildings, which ultimately helped us grow our company and diversify our portfolio. This focus allowed us to improve our income and boosted our financial strength.


We believe that the aftereffects of 2020 will catapult us into an even stronger year ahead. You see, recessions have a way of creating new businesses and strengthening others if focused on the right opportunities.  In fact, there are several household name companies that were created during a recession.  Here are a few; Disney, Fedex, Hyatt, HP, General Electric, General Motors. While companies like Facebook, Google and Salesforce weren’t created during a recession, they were created just before a major economic meltdown.    Now, I don’t want to ignore the many business that have been forced to close due to the pandemic. That is fact!  However, focusing to the future, we must push forward and look for other ways to create or grow our businesses.


Leveraging what we learned from the previous year, 2021 has started strong for us at InvestPlus. We have 14 million dollars’ under contract, which by far our largest acquisition in the history of the company. The struggles posed by the previous year’s economic climate brought on new opportunities and clients for InvestPlus.   Growth is what the business is dependent on, and while reinforcing our business relationships with our existing clients, proactively finding new clients and great assets helps bring in a steady stream of income and opportunities.


For 2021, we plan on doubling our 2020 acquisitions and assets under management and put us on a growth profile which will stabilize our net operating income and form a baseline for the years to come.


Surviving and growing your business means continuously finding new ways, new markets, new acquisitions, and new clients. Now is the time to chart your path and be prepared to ride that economic wave when it surges by putting It in the 5th Gear in 2021!

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