EMD Partnership

EMD Partnership

How a Proper EMD Partnership Changes the Game. As with any venture into real estate investment, the key to a solid investment strategy is in the application of strong due diligence. As a potential investor, how do you know with some degree of certainty the company you are interested has been through the scrutiny of someone who understands private investing and real estate? For a REIT, it is through the partnership with an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) like Axcess Capital.


On behalf of the investors, EMD’s scrutinize companies operating in the private sector such as InvestPlus REIT to ensure its proper operation, marking a fundamental shift from the days where the hiring of unlicensed salespeople for fundraising purposes was commonplace. Through this partnership, InvestPlus REIT will face the same level of scrutiny as larger corporations.


While we are not limited to partnering with just one EMD, this partnership with Axcess Capital has been strategic for us due to their deep roots as a real estate company. One of Axcess’ advantages is their roots in real estate which provides them the depth and experience to know what questions to ask that will give them and their clients the trust and confidence to invest with those companies they are representing.  EMD’s are constantly bombarded by new companies looking to have them on the EMD’s shelf to sell and represent to their clients but only a few are selected.


The reality is that many investors out there are not real estate experts, and we do not expect them to be. They need to rely on this thorough due diligence in order to trust that their hard-earned money is going to the right place.


Our Partnership With Axcess Capital

Our clients can first take comfort in knowing that Axcess Capital has been around now for 17 years and is very well respected throughout the financial community and across the country.  They are an IFM (Investment Fund Manager), RPM (Restricted Portfolio Manager to Real Estate & Debt), and of course, an EMD registered in most provinces. As registrants, their job is to conduct an enormous amount of due diligence in an effort to vet through and approve the right products and asset managers on to our shelf for our friends, family, and clients alike.


Clients of InvestPlus will personally deal with Klint Rogers, the Associate VP of Business Development with Axcess Capital and a Registered Dealing Representative in BC, AB and ON with the securities commission. His role is to educate clients further on Axcess Capital, the Private Markets, and some of the many Private Real Estate, Equity & Debt Firms (like the InvestPlus REIT) that might be of interest from a suitability, concentration and diversification perspective for a portion of one’s portfolio. It is worth noting they typically will not allow investors to go above a 45% concentration in the Private (Exempt) Markets, with no more than 10% into any one product.


It is in a partnership with an EMD like Axcess Capital that we, as a REIT, can proudly reflect our guarantee to operate by the books while we continue to deliver the performance and returns we are known for.


About InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust

InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (IP REIT) is a private real estate investment fund, based in Calgary, Alberta. InvestPlus REIT is a growth-oriented real estate investment trust focused on increasing unitholder value through the acquisition, ownership and management of commercial and residential properties in primary and secondary markets in western Canada. Management has transacted over $100,000,000 in buildings comprising of 23 building in the provinces of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The current portfolio is appraised at $49,500,000 and comprised of 139 rental units and approximately 100,000 square feet of rentable area.

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For additional information, you are welcome to reach out to InvestPlus REIT directly, however for offering documents and additional information it is best to reach out to Klint Rodgers, the Assoc. VP of Business Development and Registered Dealing in BC, AB and ON with Axcess Capital Advisors Inc., our lead Partner and Dealership as it relates to capital raise across the country. Klint can be reached at Klint.Rodgers@AxcessCapital.com or you can book a Zoom meeting with him through the following link: Book Meeting Now!