• Why InvestPlus REIT?

    • PROVEN Track Record

      Transacted  approximately 21 multi-family  residential  and  commercial buildings worth over $90M through 4 Joint-Ventures and 4 Limited Partnerships.

    • PROVEN Real-Estate Investment Systems

      Our systems are designed to decrease risk while increasing cash flow and investors’ return on investment

    • Open-book Philosophy

      Investor performance reviews and quarterly statements are shared with each investor

    • Focused Team

      With InvestPlus REITs’ management experience and sound financial approach, investors reap the benefits of an exceptional Return On Investment with no ” hands-on” management hassles.

    • Steady Quarterly Cash-Flow

      Steady quarterly cash-flow and tax sheltered equity growth.

    • RRSP Eligible

      That’s right! You can use your registered investments like RRSPs, RESPs, TFSA, RIFFs, LIRA etc. without any penalty and allocating some of your investment into hard assets like multi-family and commercial buildings.

    • Located in Multiple Cities in Western Canada

      Invest in multiple cities in western Canada, thereby diversifying your real-estate investments and reducing overall risk.

    • Experienced Board of Trustees

      You as an investor are represented by a reputable and experienced and  independent board of Trustees who overlook the key decisions of the REIT on your behalf.

    • Private

      InvestPlus REIT is  private and has a very low correlation to the fluctuation of the stock market.