Gaetz Professional Sublease. InvestPlus Reit has an amazing property listed in their Commercial Portfolio.

The Gaetz Professional, situated at 5018 45th Street, Red Deer, Alberta, is part of a Medical Retail Centre: (12,870.00 Sq-Ft) and is the perfect location for the following Businesses.

  • Medical Practitioners


  • Pharmacy Owners


  • Medi-Spa Business


  • Massage Therapist


  • Chiropractors


  • Wellness Centers
Gaetz Professional Sublease

5018 45th Street, Red Deer, AB Purchased January 2020 Medical Retail Centre: 12,870.00 Sq-Ft


The property is a turnkey retail and medical opportunity for the right business.

With aggressive market rates and affordable operating cost’s. This property is offered on a 5-to-10-year lease and it also has ample surface parking. This property is well located on Gaetz avenue, with great exposure to high traffic areas and a top Pylon signage position, which will ensure high visibility.

InvestPlus? Learn more about the InvestPlus Reit.

InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (IP REIT) is a private real estate investment fund, based in Calgary, Alberta. The REIT provides an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of multi-unit residential apartment and commercial buildings in western Canada.

Their mandate is to provide investors with the most attractive, well structured, and ethical real estate investment in Canada. Their track record proves their method. Management has transacted over $100,000,000 in buildings comprising of 23 commercial and multifamily buildings.

Why InvestPlus?

It starts with economic fundamentals. Economic fundamentals tell us if jobs are being created in a specific market. By knowing where GDP growth is, which begins with investment dollars invested by companies or government, there is a good chance that jobs will be created.

As jobs are created, population growth increases in that geographical area which increases demand for rentals/housing. The increase in rental values increases building values.

The same applies to commercial assets. New businesses migrate to those areas and existing business are flourishing because of the increased demand.

  • Find a Deal that adds value to our company
  • Manage it efficiently
  • Reap its added value to pass along our unitholders

Combine this knowledge and timing with the ability to buy apartment and commercial properties. Now have a recipe that will see the value of those assets increase due to both the management’s value creation and market upswing.

While a simple concept, it is a learned skill from experience in transacting over $100 million in assets over 16 years and riding through three economic cycle, both up and down.

Let us be clear – we do not buy “western Canadian” real estate!

We buy assets in specific geographical locations that are in western Canada that shows signs of a growing economy, job growth and growing population.

We trust you found this article about “Gaetz Professional Sublease” intriguing and if you want to learn more about our Portfolio, this property, or this amazing opportunity in Red Deer, then reach out to.


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C: (403) 200 – 9264



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Why Buying Below Replacement Costs is Key to your Real Estate Success. Making informed decisions helps tip the scale of success to your favor. When it comes to investments, knowing what you’re getting into––and investing your money on––is crucial to avoiding costly mistakes and improving your return on investments.

One of the first things my mentor taught me was “Whatever you do, make sure you buy below replacement costs.”

What are replacement costs?

“Replacement cost” is the cost to build a similar building you are acquiring, only brand new.   In other words, it is the cost that in the event your property gets damaged to the point of no return and renovation is not possible. Replacing the building and the cost to do so is your “replacement cost.”  It’s also referred to the cost of building new.

Understanding Replacement Costs in Real Estate

When I first started in real estate, there wasn’t much to compare to. There were not a lot of new rental purpose multifamily buildings being built in the early 2000s, but around 2008. There was an increase of new construction. A major factor that contributed to a rise of new construction  were the demand from two generations who were ok to pay a premium for rent; millennials and the baby boomers.

Millennials have been all too happy to pay for a higher-quality product and are willing to pay, $200-$300 more than an older building.  Boomers are driving this demand mainly due to downsizing or moving out of the suburbs and into the city.

While the goal for Boomers is to reduce their cost and out of the suburbs, they are only willing to do so if they live/rent in a place similar to what they currently own or better.  New multifamily rentals is their choice.

Buying below replacement cost or a brand new building ultimately means you can charge lower rent while still being able to achieve a good ROI. For example, a brand-new wood-framed building costs $200,000/suite to build. If the cap rate is 5%, the monthly rental rate would be rounded up to about $1,167/month.

If you were to buy a similar building only orders, with similar floor space, that has the purchase price of $120,000, a cap rate of 5 % would mean that a monthly rate of $833/month.

That’s a 40% difference.  Which means you have some flexibility in the rental price and a wider market to attract given a more competitive rental rate.  Even if there is a need for renovation of your older building, adding say $15,000/suite in  renovation (which is plenty) would still allow you some room to be more competitive than a new building, with now a renovated suite and likely a higher rent as a result of the renovation.

The Inherent Values of Buying Below Replacement Cost

The advice given to me early allowed us to grow our company and maintain higher occupancy. Even during recession periods or when vacancies increased.  It helped us with having a competitive product and the flexibility to charge a more competitive rate while still achieving a good rate of return.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article Why Buying Below Replacement Costs is Key to your Real Estate Success and should you have any questions or if you’d like to speak to one of our consultants you can contact us. 

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