Current REIT Portfolio

  • InvestPlus Real Estate Investment Trust (IP REIT) is a private real estate investment fund, based in Calgary, Alberta. The REIT provides an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of multi-unit residential apartment and commercial buildings in western Canada. Our mandate is to provide you with the most attractive, well-structured, and ethical real estate investment in Canada. Our track record proves our method.

  • The Brunswick

    611 Brunswick Street, Prince George, BC

    Purchased Dec 2015: $ 2,800,000



    Forest Heights

    10935 83 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

    Suites: 21

    Purchased Fall 2012: $ 1,981,000


    Highland House

    10640 114 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

    Suites: 22

    Purchased Fall 2011: $1,947,000


    The York

    921 5th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta

    Suites: 45

    Purchased Fall 2011: $6,800,000



    12406 112th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

    Suites: 23 (plus 5000 sq-ft of commercial)

    Purchased Summer 2011: $3,495,000

    Newport Manor

    115 23rd Avenue, Calgary, Alberta

    Suites: 16

    Purchased Spring 2011: $1,721,000


    Cedar Peaks

    12928 64 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

    Suites: 38

    Purchased Feb 2013: $3,001,000



    10115 – 108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

    Suites: 33

    Purchased Summer 2010: $3,000,000


  • PAST PERFORMANCE MAY NOT BE REPEATED. Investing in InvestPlus REIT Units can involve significant risks and the value of an investment may go down as well as up .There is no guarantee of performance. An investment in a InvestPlus REIT is not intended as a complete investment program and should only be made after consultation with independent investment and tax advisors. Only investors who do not require immediate liquidity of their investment should consider a potential purchase of Units. The risks involved in this type of investment may be greater than those normally associated with other types of investments. Please refer to the InvestPlus REIT Offering Memorandum for a further discussion.